Will MSM Mention? Super-Senior Stevens Throws Better Than Obama

Forget “throws like a girl.” Try “throws worse than an octogenarian” . . .

How weak was Pres? Obama’s first pitch on Opening Day this week? Well, have a look at officially-ancient John Paul Stevens throwing out the first pitch, and compare and contrast with PBO’s puny effort [after the jump].

MSNBC ran the clip of Stevens’ throw in the course of a segment on the Supreme Court justice’s announcement today of his retirement.

MSNBC didn’t mention how old was Stevens, who turns 90 later this month, when he threw the pitch, but judging from the video he was well into his 80s. Yet his form and aim are far superior to the 40-something Obama. Will the MSM compare and contrast the two pitches?

Update: Stevens Was 85

Today has reported that Stevens was 85 when he threw out the ball in the video.  So 48-yr. old Obama was indeed bested at baseball by an octogenarian!

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