Mark Finkelstein is among the country’s leading conservative critics of the mainstream media.  A long-time contributor at NewsBusters, Mark has been cited frequently by Rush Limbaugh, National Review Online, Michelle Malkin, Commentary, and other prominent conservative voices.  His work has appeared on the pages of the Wall Street Journal, and has been linked numerous times at the Drudge Report.  Mark has been a guest on nationally-syndicated radio shows, including those of Lars Larson and G. Gordon Liddy. He has a B.S. from Cornell, an Ed.M. and J.D, magna cum laude, from SUNY Buffalo, and an LL.M. from Harvard Law School.  He has practiced law in NYC, Mexico City, and Paris, and now lives in Ithaca, NY, where he is the past chairman of the county Republican party, and hosts Right Angle, a weekly TV talk show [webcasts at link].


Mark spent ten days in Iraq in 2006, mainly in Anbar Province (seen here at the Euphrates with Iraqi Army recruits).  In addition to doing the occasional restaurant review, he is an avid golfer, a former professional tennis tournament organizer, and a parrot lover whose flock includes a lovebird, an African Grey, and a Red-Fronted Macaw (featured in the logo). Mark recently took up flying and is working toward qualifying for a light sport certificate on this plane

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